Gain data visibility

Easy-to-digest analysis results, all members of your team can access the information relevant to their work and area of expertise.

1 - All key operations run through the kernel

2 - SNDBOX kernel driver generates a fictional environment to deceive malware into executing full range of functionality

3 - Kernel driver aggressively monitors malware every step and modify the expected results.

Undetectable kernel mode agent

Reveal Malware’s Full Malicious Nature

Located between the User mode and Kernel mode, SNDBOX’s invisible agent deceives malware into executing its full range of intended functionality, revealing its true malicious nature, intent and capabilities.

Multi-layer detection

Malware research platform that provides the highest detail information about the researched file. Our layered detection approach starts with the base layer that is built from multiple AI detection vectors from the Dynamic analysis, static AI engines, preview image detection, and network information

The second layer is our proprietary signature language and data reputation which uses our threat intelligence feeds. Our last AI layer receive all information from previous layers and return a simple answer with a confidence score.

Platform architecture

Design to give the highest detailed data for Incident and Response. The solution run dynamic analysis and static analysis in parallel powered by our proprietary AI detection solutions. The solution is available as a cloud, SAAS or On-Premises.

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Malware sandbox is no longer slow

We are happy to introduce the fastest malware sandbox in the industry. Design for malware detection for automated services at a scale where analysis time and high detection accuracy are crucial

Ultra-fast sandbox is built from two phases:

  • Dynamic Ultra-fast kernel detection that runs in less than 60 seconds and static AI analysis.
  • If the sample is suspicious, we continue to run it in order to expose its full malicious behavior using our AI malware research.

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